National Prize of Children's Patriotic Creativity

picLove for creativity, instilled since childhood, reveals the talents of the child, determines his leisure time during his school years, and often his future profession. The most important role in this is played by the kindergarten, institutions of additional education with preschool groups. Here, very young talents, under the guidance of their teachers, create unique artistic, choreographic, vocal, theatrical projects, and even take their first steps in journalism. The National Prize for Preschool Creativity will for the first time celebrate this experience, significant for the development of the individual, by bringing together preschool institutions in Russia and institutions of additional education, teachers and preschool children in a large-scale event. The awards ceremony will be held in the format of a fabulous New Year's show, presenting the work of talented preschool groups. The award is supported by the Russian Committee for Preschool Education (OMEP), the largest organization dedicated to all aspects of preschool education.



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