The UNESCO Chair

The UNESCO Chair, established under the IPAPE, is an international scientific and educational center of excellence, is at the forefront of innovative processes, participates and organizes significant events taking place in the field of preschool education.


The activity of the UNESCO Chair is focused on the development of the concept "Space of Children's Realization" (SCR), which complements the cultural-historical theory of L.S. Vygotsky. SCR is a condition for supporting children's individuality in the educational process of kindergarten.









Members of the UNESCO Chair, together with partners, study the cognitive and emotional development of preschoolers. The research results are presented in various publications.





The UNESCO Chair develops a network of branches:

1) the Academy of Childhood in Yakutia, through which methodological training, retraining and scientific activities are carried out on the basis of kindergartens;

2) the Academy of Sustainable Development, which is focused on social entrepreneurship in the field of preschool education and work with parents.

Both Academies have acted as co-organizers of several International conferences; a network of innovative project sites with more than 100 kindergartens.


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